Where it all began


Robert and Wendy bought The Cow Shed 15 years ago. While living in their house further down the road with their 2 children they began to develop the property and dream about one day making a living off it.


The year 2000 saw the commercial kitchen built in the old vat room of the cow shed. It was a busy year with the green house being constructed and planted. Robert worked in the green house while working outside of the property and Wendy baked bread and made pickles and jams while also working part time outside of the property. Meanwhile their 2 children were growing up fast.


Next step was to take out some of the railings in the cow shed and close it in so they could have some sheltered area to work in. They loved spending time down at the cow shed, as it was set in such a sunny warm spot, so decided to make the cow shed into a one bedroom house on a very tight budget. The 'Batch' it was called, a few nights a week they would pack their overnight bag, travel the 1km down Pebblebrooke road and stay for a few nights. With this they were able to maximise development. Eventually however they decided to move in.  Now after many twists and turns down the road, adding this room taking out that wall, they have created what is now known today as the cow shed restaurant and farm shop.


The cowshed was built just over 30 years ago. Wendy and Robert have decorated the cowshed with art and decorations from their travels and the past.  It has a delightful rustic charm and is a fun place to visit and spend time enjoying the food and atmosphere.

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